Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule for all workshops

The programme will run from Saturday to Thursday, Fridays being arrival and departure day, day off on Tuesday. Evening sessions may include a walk in the pine forest, or round the mountain or optional boat trip under the stars. The following is a guideline only and not fixed, so we can be flexible according to your needs.

“The whole course was magical…boat trips and forest walks and being with others on similar wavelengths” Amy

Proposed timetable


8.45 – 11.30 Group session:

Walking meditation to Mikros Mourtias beach* , applying AT to walking, Chi Kung exercises and swimming.

12 – 2pm half hour individual sessions


Lunch, time for reflection/relaxation with options to book yoga/massage sessions, explore the village and the island, snorkel, etc .
And on the swimming week, the opportunity to have private individual lessons with Jan.


6 – 7 half-hour individual sessions**

7 – 8.30 Group session for hands-on experiments, games, and investigations into Alexander principles, responding to the experience of the group members.

9pm Dinner at local tavernas or group self catering feasts!

*NOTE: Please note that the walk down the mule track to Mikros Mourtias is rocky and steep, so a reasonable state of fitness is required, with shoes more substantial than flip-flops.

**NOTE: All participants will have an individual session every day

Tuesdays will be day off with optional boat trip exploring Alonnisos and the other small islands nearby.

‘I have brought back more than pleasant memories; I have easier use, I am a little fitter (thanks to the mule track!) and easier on my feet…I feel lighter.’ Jax

‘I don’t think in all my many years I have had such an experience and gained so much from just a week.’ James

Being here
Now is the time of the path
There is nothing else to think or be
Just stone and grass and leaves and light
And lizard tails darting, ants marching

Now is the time of the rock
There is nothing else to think or be
Just rock above, and rock below
Our feet; the energy flowing, flowing

Now is the time of the sea
There is nothing else to think or be
Not to stretch and not to strive
Just sunlit waves arriving, arriving

Once more, the time of the path
There is nothing now to think or be
Just stone and heat and rise and breath
And our hearts drumming, drumming

SallyAnne Clark, written in July 2013 after a week with us.

Walking in the hills
Walking in the hills
Chi Kung at Mikros Mourtias
Last night at Astrofegia